Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Post

So as an exercise I am going to begin a blog. A blog about writing practice.

I just returned from the Big Sur Writer's Workshop, got a lot of really helpful feedback (thanks, everybody), including "kill my darlings," a lessen you would think I learned long ago. It is hard for any project. So I am going to begin my novel again in 1st person.

The workshop was an amazing experience. It was an exhausting amount of feedback, the schedule a bit grueling, accompanied by a flood of emotions that mimicked my process. It was an intense experience that left me wanting more. Even though at one point I was sure I couldn't take anymore. I'm writing this while I feel pretty low. I have returned home to life as we know it and the realities of it are a slap in the face. Perhaps not the best way to begin my new blog.

What goes up must come down. What starts down must go up.

Writing Exercise:
For some reason your character(make this someone you want to work with, someone from a future project) is waiting for a bus. By accident he gets on the wrong bus, taking himself someplace entirely unexpected. How does he behave in this predicament? What happens next? Write it as a scene. What details will you use to show fear, anger, disappointment?