Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It feels like time that I assess. I've published 33 posts. Missed a few days in there. Not too many. Only a couple days has it felt like a chore, and on those days it was because I wanted to get down to the business of novelling--which is very different. Blogging: what am I getting out of it. First, the titling has been good practice. I have no idea how successful the titles are, I would have to be getting some feedback in order to gauge that (definitely feedback is not what blogging is about--it's more like sending your thoughts out to a void). I t has been good practice titling. Throwing something on to the top of the page. I usually do it after I am all done. And it is generally something I think of myself having no skill with. Another thing is that the way I do it has provided good practice in spontaneity, loosen up, lose some perfectionism, and desensitize myself to that fear of having people read something too close to the bone, or something stupid (that's a big one for me I do not want to be stupid), complete with mistakes. I have gone back and read and there are plenty of mistakes. I have not taken the time to fix them. It's also has been a lesson in brevity. Perhaps unsatisfyingly so. I do feel like I must wrap things up quickly. One, so I can get on with the novel writing business, and, two, so that my readers will have the patience for it. This Internet thing is a time sucker and I know I like to do both my writing and my reading in a rush. Do on to others, you know blah, blah, blah--The Golden Rule. And since I have adjusted my format to doing the exercises myself, I have found blogging very freeing on a creative flow sort of level. So I guess the verdict is I will continue in this way for a while at least. Until my life changes enough that it is a pain in the butt to put this kind of time in.

So writing exercise for today: Take stock. Look at what your doing--is it working?

As always,