Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Due Diligence

Writing exercise: Just write.

I'm not sure if I am in the mood for this writing thing today. Some days there is just nothing that I want to do. Something else anyway. Nothing. I got a lot of things done, but there's still more and then I took my daughter to school and made her cry because I made her put her stuff into the garbage bag that the nurse is enforcing for lice containment. She is asking everyone to do it, all the children, so as not to single anyone out. Much appreciated. But mothers (other mothers--the non contaminated) are just tossing bags into piles in the hall outside of Spanish, not wanting to bother. I was with them a week a go. It is so much easier to not even bat an eye at the danger, when you have nothing lurking beneath your friendly surface--or at least believe that you have nothing. It is my job to protect them all from our worst, the bombs we carry around so innocently in our hair. My daughter already so affected by all the rules she doesn't know. Let's just hope she learns them quickly and decides that they are worth breaking. She can harden her heart and thumb her nose at them all just as I do. Ha! The irony. As I frantically don't want to be that woman that they are all talking about... 6 months later and she can't seem to get rid of the lice.

Due diligence. That's what I am saying.

I think that is why I cannot write is I was the other mom, the one who stops at nothing in the war against the parasites. I left her at school like that, sad and embarrassed because her mom does not want to wear that emblem of failure and laziness, does not want to be lice-ridden. What are the other fine lines I walk with my hairy armpits and my tendency toward ecological militarism and yoga and tofu and cabbage eating (I just love cabbage)?

Prayer: Dear Lord of the book, thank you for the words and the freedom to run between so many projects. Will you also look after my daughter? She did give me T.G. after all. She is also a beautiful Iffy dancing freak. (I wonder if she would mind that I said that about her). In any case you should probably protect her from me because there are a lot of respects that I do not have enough decorum in. Or too much? I'm not even sure. Whatever the case, she deserves someone as hard core as you on her side. Amen.

As Always,