Monday, April 14, 2008


I did this exercise with a friend the Saturday night: list some emotions on pieces of paper(happiness, sadness, anger, embarrassment, shyness, excitement). Choose a character from any project you are working on. Or choose anyone you know. Choose a piece of paper at random. Take ten minutes to show the person feeling that way. Do not use the word. Describe actions, setting, anything in concrete detail to show how your person feels. Now do it again with a different emotion.

Embarrassment: Heather averted her eyes, kept them low. She watched the shoes that passed in front of her as shoppers walked by, not seeing any of them. She felt heat rise into her cheeks and leaned back into the wall behind her. She wrapped her nails into her palm and pressed knuckles to the wall, pushing hard. Doing her best to pretend she was invisible.

Anger: Again Heather felt heat but it was located deeper, rising from her heart to her neck, itchy. Her muscles constricted around it. Her lips twisted tighter, holding it in and yet she wanted to let it out. She wanted it to fly from her eyes, to burn her mother with anger laser beams. The more her eyes narrowed the stronger the beams became. After singing her mother from head to toe, she aimed them at Jude. With them she would make him small, small enough to step on.

As Always,