Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flexibility 2

So this weekend I don't want to write. I'm trying to let it be. You know, accept it for what it is and try not examine it too much. It's all the worse after coming off a jag of productive writing.

As you might already know, I have been reading Robert Olen Butler and perhaps that is the problem. His ideas about writing are interesting and I think they will be helpful, but so much of the process of examination puts me out of the necessary mode for creativity. Robert Olen Butler refuses to put a non-fiction word to paper. I am not interested in having so many of rules for myself. I think flexibility had been what I was reaching for when the words had come gushing. To not struggle through the transitions. I had been trying to embrace them as they came. That I could switch on a dime from one event and project to the next. I picture myself rolling. Pulling in my knees and rolling around like a roly-poly bug. Something happens and there I go, tuck and roll. Sometimes an image is what I need.

Writing Exercise: Flip through a magazine and write about the first image you see. Try to be there in the picture. Don't write about the details as much as just write fiction from the image. See if you can find the trance, the zone, whatever it is that aligns your head with the world you are creating. 10 minutes. (I tried this with out much luck earlier. Maybe I should try it again now.)

As always (pleased as a roly-poly bug),

ps sometimes putting non-fiction pen to paper guides me to the other side of a mood. Find balance in everything.