Friday, April 4, 2008

I am a former Gastric Upset

Writing Exercise:
Freewrite about the girl or boy you once were. Comparing her/him to the you of today.

I used to be a Punk Princess. At least that is how my friend Connie and I referred to ourselves. We said it tongue in cheek. But there was enough practicing involved that it became a sort of reality. We were the self-proclaimed punk royalty of Austin, Minnesota. It didn't come with any special privileges, except perhaps the knowledge of our own brilliance. And freedom in that. (Today in yoga the hip opening Mantra was "I have a right to move freely and effortlessly" which reminded me of that time). We sang to each other on cassette tapes. And sent notes to each other filled with biting and pithy observations. It was my sophomore and junior years in high school.

Our pretend band was called the Gastric Upsets and our logo was fabulous, a blatant rip off of the Dead Kennedys', a clever tribute to our hero, Jell-O. We were pretty in pink looking but had the edge that Cyndi Lauper never had. Or so I believed.

Today I don't much have an edge. I don't shave my arm pits--that is the extent of my social statement. Oh and I buy grass-fed beef and organic produce. We don't go to McDonald's. I am mistaken for a hippy and I feel offended. But I guess I can see the resemblance. And more often than not that leap of categorization of me is from someone who is stuck in the confines of conformity. I walked to the co-op yesterday, carrying my cloth bag to buy tofu and kale for dinner. I wore my hair into two knots wound behind each ear and chatted up the pierced and tattooed man who checked out my groceries. In some ways its very clear that I've fallen from the punk throne. But perhaps me and Jell-O Biafra ate the same things for dinner last night.

As Always,

P.s. So this is the blog in it's transition. I wrote the exercise out in my notebook in the last ten minutes that the babysitter could stay and it changed a bit as I typed it in to the blog. Generally I will try to keep it as close to free association as I can--but probably I won't be able to keep myself from editing it a bit.