Friday, April 11, 2008


Here's yesterday's blog a day late. And today's... well, I'm going to skip it and go straight to work.

We discovered lice.

Mindfulness exercise: drop plans and pick nits.

There are many families of lice that live in my son's thick super-luxurious hair. They are there no more, but I originally found them nestled comfortably, their torpedo shaped bodies lined up beside hair shafts. Crouched behind it, already prepared for the ammunition it had no way of knowing was coming. They lurked as if they knew they were in enemy territory and now I can only imagine where they lurk around the house waiting for one of us, long tresses flowing innocently, to wander into range. Time for another round of vacuuming. I had actually thought that I wouldn't blog today(yesterday) but I really can't help myself when there are mundane household chores to describe. And today(yesterday) there are a plethora. And I get to list them all: Striping the beds, loads and loads of laundry, vacuuming up the invisible creatures (using only your battle instincts to locate them). And the minutia, combing through your child's hair section by section, examining the base of every hair shaft for that tiny pinpoint of nit. One hundred strokes with a fine-toothed metal comb. And then on to making rice pudding(for comfort--mine or there's?) and buying the family shower caps for the olive oil spa at the end of the first days regimen (as per the suggestion of Nurse Fry).

As Always (exhausted),