Thursday, April 24, 2008


I want to experiment these days with what gets me there. What gets me writing . I think it is a matter of orientation. I orient myself to my narrator and the words seem to come easily. But what gets me there? Trust and surrender? That is where the lord of the book comes in. He takes over. I really have no control in the matter. Except getting my self to the page in the proper state of mind. The words are my lord's responsibility if he so wishes. Should I also show him more respect? He doesn't mind, I don't think, as long as I'm amorous.

But what are orientation exercises? I made one up today and this is how it goes: Close your eyes and think about your character. Now think that you are your character. Put yourself in her setting. Fill in the details of the setting, the quality of the light, the smells, temperature, etc. Now right in front of you is an object that you are very familiar with. Just look at it for a moment. Examine it in minute detail with your eyes. Pick it up and examine it with your fingers(if that is possible). You are your character so do it in a way fitting of your character.

Now, I want you to stay in that place, where your feelings and reactions are not your own but they are this characters and write down any three thoughts. From first person, just as your character would say it.

Now I want you to feel your characters longing, yearning what does she want. 10 minutes, pen to the page, in your characters very own voice I want you to write down what you (she)wants. Start with "I want" or however else your character would say it and go. No looking back until the end.

As Always(I'm going to try it off-line),