Monday, April 7, 2008

the painting in the shelter

Writing Assignment: Write about a piece of artwork.

Rod Massey's Man Struggling with Ladder in Snow

The house lives and breathes. None of its lines are straight. Every inhale expands the whole structure, the corners rounding, adjusting to each breath. It stares at me. It looks me straight in the face with its crooked eyes. One of the awnings, the one above the left eye, sags down. Making it seem exhausted. Above, the eyebrows meet in a dormer peak.

The house listens as the man in red struggles up beside it. The man drags the ladder through the snow. He has dreaded this job, but by now he has put it off for long enough. The bleak days are hard on both of them. It's hard enough to get the sidewalks shoveled and the man doesn't often have the energy for the driveway. Well, now he is paying for his lack of effort. His ribs ache and his breathing rasps.

The porch windows line the main floor, a whole row of teeth in a pained grimace. The house is grim. He hates to be such a burden. He is prone to guilt and self reproach. But there's not much he can do about it, trapped as he is to the foundation.

As Always,

Postscript: In the typing of this I cut the fluff. There was a lot of fluff. It was a fun exercise.