Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring comes to Minnesota

Writing Exercise: Write about yourself in third person. Write fast. Don't edit.

Tina really needs to clean those windows. Except that it is sort of a relief to not be able to see beyond them to the world outside where the winter garden debris eddies on whirlwinds of air on the edges of the front lawn. She can just make out the shapes of her neighbors out there, gathering in the bright sunlight. The sunlight so odd, we have all been waiting for so long. She can see them out there through the smudges, their familiar shapes not having changed much over the five long winter months since she's seen them last. She feels compelled to go out there and bare her pale face to the sun just as all the new shoots poke themselves from beneath the dirt. But the recesses of her mind have just been plumbed and the lord of the book commands her to hunker down with what has been unearthed. She finds herself attracted to him in a sort of disgusted way. He's so pale he kind of makes her skin crawl and yet she feels more like tearing off her clothes then she has for a long time. And it is him, that pale skinny lord (who wears dark rimmed glasses when he for gets to put in his contacts). He's scary, but also such a nerd. He recoils from the sun and from yoga for that matter. That side of her life appalls him. But maybe that is what turns Tina on so much. His disdain. She puts down her pen for now. Feeling healthy, she shakes her hair back. Taunting him, she twirls the ends around and stretches a rubber band to form a bun on the back of her head. She leans forward to pull the leash over her dogs nose clipping it behind his ears and pulls the front door open. She notices the smeared glass one more time as she bounces out into the sun on springy new shoes. Her body rising and falling. The lord of the book puts his head in his hands. He's there too, bouncing as she bounces, taking off to the lake as she takes off, but he hunkers down, buries himself deeper as the debris of Tina's thoughts pack around him, as did the leaf litter pack over the garden during the winter. This way he can emerge anew after being buried in the decomposed humus. Come out as pale as ever. But fed the rich remains of last years growth.

As Always (How does it seem?),