Wednesday, April 9, 2008

T.G. the Usual bear

Writing assignment: Write about an animal.

He was called T.G the usual bear. It was hard to say what was usual about him. Unless it was that he was generally punctual, or at least showed up where and when you expected him. And perhaps because when he said he would do something, he surely would. But really it was unusual to have a bear in the neighborhood. And practically every stranger's eyes popped out of their head at the pure surprise of him. It was unusual to watch a bear enter a drugstore so nonchalantly.

This was the sort of drugstore where the doors opened as soon as you stood on the rubber floor mat. T.G. was very grateful for that, because it always drew a lot of attention when he scratched at metal door handles until he found a grip. Claws are not of benefit in this environment. Lord knows he attracted enough attention walking through the aisles, even though he was on the small side for a polar bear. Although realistically he knew people stared, but not because he was big.

He came to the store looking for Vic's Vapor Rub. One of his favorite things to do was to lie back on his bead and enjoy the cool feel after he dabbed a bit on his nose. He was out and he could use a little reminder of home today. He also needed some sharp scissors to trim his matted fur, the dull ones were torture. His girl Nathalie had loaned him a pair, but how could she have known. How could he have known, for that matter. That kind of grooming would only be dangerous in the icefields.

Finally he was to purchase an umbrella because, frankly, the day looked like rain. In fact, T.G. hoped it would rain and thought that perhaps by buying the umbrella, Murphy's Law would push those clouds over the edge. T.G. thought this due to the fact that he is an unusually lucky bear.

To be continued somewhere else...

As Always,