Tuesday, April 29, 2008

to do list

Keep it short. Perhaps just a list. One: Sign the children up for summer camps (for me, because I want to write this summer) Two: Organize or reorganize the winter to summer clothing and back again (which way are we going?) (Is there anyway to find a muse who will do this? Certainly Little Lord Fauntleroy won't...) Three: Paint everywhere. Four: Mix up the soil in the back garden, clean up the leaf litter, rake, turn the compost, hook up the rain barrels (do I really want spring to come?). Five: Make sure that everything runs ship-shapeish (homework, laundry, is there food in the house? blah, blah, blah) Six: Keep writing. Guess which one of these things I want to be doing?

As always (trudging along),

P.S. There is a housework muse. I just know it. I still have to do the work but perhaps then I could do the work in flow. And flow is just darn enjoyable. Explore this more.