Friday, May 16, 2008

Alternate Subject

I composed my blog yesterday while I went for a walk. But today I cannot remember what it was about. I was sure it was very clever while I did it.

I'll give you this instead.

I watched Nathalie and her friend fight yesterday. They are beautiful girls. Nat is fair, and her friend dark and they both glow. They are loud together and fast. Well matched. Fighting, they get into teach other's face. Nathalie stands up close and says, "You can be whatever you want. I changed my mind." Mimi pushes a little closer, shaking her head and jutting out her chin, "I'm leaving." Nathalie wants her to stay. She pleads, her hands held out, open and empty, "Will you stay?" Mimi is firm in her indignation, she straps on her bike helmet and throws her leg over her two-wheeler. And rides off into the sunset. They have a volatile friendship. Hugging each other when they greet and flying off in a huff when not getting their way. That is how it went yesterday afternoon.

It wasn't what I wanted to write about.

As always,