Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Book

good morning. i'm writing early. i have lots of time (no guarantees mind you) and it's always attractive to put off the transition into the other world of the novel. but I think i made it to the other side of a very tough section yesterday. probably the toughest in the novel. nice to be on the other side.

I just finished The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. I really liked it, although it is not my standard type. A futuristic, alien-visits-the-earth novel. There were some eerie similarities to my novel. It has a similar organizational device. Starting with a letter/assignment. Adam Rex does all the illustrations as well--I think his carer for the most part has been as illustrator and Gratuity Tucci does her hair in the same way as Heather. He doesn't write about it but I saw it in the pictures. Also the character is eleven when the action takes place, but she actually writes the story at thirteen. (I have been struggling with age so this provides ideas for solutions.) Setting it in the future after an alien invasion really allows you to take a lot of liberties with age. For example, she is an eleven year old that drives. What a fantasy too, driving. Nice. Driving a car that floats, even better. Anyway, a lot of the themes of the book were really interesting. Race and exploitation and intricacies of power and dominance etcetera. It has blatant parallels to Native American treatment by European settlers and then some. All that and fun to read.

I guess that is it for today.
As always,