Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ho Hum

I wrote a post yesterday and never got it out. I didn't write for the 3 days prior to that. On Monday I just plain forgot and before that I took the weekend off. I have been very involved in the novel and it makes it hard to think about anything else. And as far as priorities go i guess the kids beat the blog.

Every spring there are these tiny worms that attack my mugo pine. They hang out in little clans at the tips of the needles. They line up their bodies up and down the shaft, cramming themselves altogether. They are army green with black stripes and black little eyes and heads. My neighbor sprays them with poison, which seems reasonable, but I have gotten into the habit of pulling them off and squishing them in my fingers. They are sticky and pine scented. The bush is growing nicely.

What else is new? I am back to dull brained. My creative cycle seems to be incredibly fast and furious, running its course through the euphoric stage, and leaving me at dull more often than necessary.

I'm not sure what, if anything, makes this blog interesting. But that was a nice warm up for me. Off to write.

As always,