Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm in limbo.

I left my characters in a department store yesterday. Not because I wanted to, mostly because I ran out of time. I had some insights while I was writing yesterday. Perhaps I should say my character had them. Which is good. She tends to get stuck in the details that represent her emotions more than she tries to articulate the emotions themselves. Which usually makes for good story telling, but I have been a bit stumped this chapter as what she is thinking, although what she feels seems clear enough. The insights perhaps shed some light on it all and explain that Heather was perhaps muddy headed herself the past few days.

There must be a movie about writers leaving their characters in limbo. I feel like I have seen it. My characters were on their way somewhere else and meant to walk through and exit to the parking lot but I quit before they got there and it is hard to imagine them frozen in time. Because the way they are in my head they kind of have to be always doing something. Nothing happens or doesn't happen without someone acting on it.

Writing Exercise:
Take a lesser character. Someone who's in the story but doesn't get as much action as your main character. Someone who may have something that your character wants. You are the therapist. Now interview this character. Do what you can to get this person to talk. 10 minutes.

Look back at all of this. What is there, in what this person says, that points to conflict. Something your main character might not know, will not like, cannpot understand, whatever. Now make them talk about it. How would they do it? What would they say? What are they not saying.? Without narration, how do you show what they are not saying ?--do it with gestures, etc. 10 more minutes.

I'm going to do this later.

As always,