Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Plan: be flexible

Morning. Again with the time. The ends of my weeks are more full of writing time than the beginnings. Let's not waste it.

In this third draft I am writing, I'm nearing the place in Heather's story where I had stopped in the process of doing a second draft. At that point I decided to change point of view and went back to the beginnig and began again. So, yesterday, I pulled out the rough first draft and I shall have to find some time to reacquaint myself with it. It's interesting that something that came directly from my head through my fingertips can feel so foreign to me. (Muse am I giving you enough credit? Where do the words really come from?) Interestingly enough, I know my characters so much better now that I return to the material, but there are a lot of new characters and even a new plot line introduced in this second half. How will that effect the writing of this draft? I'm curious. Plan of attack? First read it through. (with the same eyes with that I use when writing it) Then be flexible.

Writing exercise: A carrier pigeon comes to you with a message? Who is it from and what does it say? Write fast and furious, at least 10 minutes.

As Always,