Friday, May 23, 2008


Shannon Hale is a writer after my own heart. Not only does she have a Jane Austen novel (The heroine is looking for a Colin-Firth as Darcy type guy--chic lit for sure), but she also uses fairy tales as her jumping off point. I love that stuff. But then she always has the girls doing real work (in the one I started last night the girl is drying goat dung to use as fuel for a fire). I always cite as one of my most influential books as Margret Atwood's Alias Grace and it's because of the way she has to do real work in the book, the detail in which she goes to described. I love it. It's also kind of Little House on the Prairie stuff--I am a sucker for it. In any case I have been thrilled by my discovery of Shannon Hale.

Writing assignment: Read a bunch of beginnings to books and pay attention to how things are revealed. What you know don't know and suspect from the beginning of a few books. What is the conflict? What do you care about? Who do you like and why? Is their anyone you don't like? How much are you willing to wade through to get to the end? Take notes to have a record of your impressions before reading to the end. Go back afterwards and see how much you knew--how much you didn't know, how much you wanted to know.

Let's leave it at that.
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