Thursday, May 15, 2008

Talkative girl

On going assignment: pick one thing from the day and write about it. With as much detail as you can. Warm up:

I met this little girl yesterday at my son's soccer game. She was a younger sister hanging at the sideline just like my daughter was. Same age and all that, but unlike my daughter she talks. Well, my daughter can talk too but she is generally pretty selective about what she says and who she talks too.

Upon introduction I was told: "My dad can't come on Wednesdays and when he comes it is fun because we play soccer and he is the best soccer player in the world. But the games are so boring and I can't go over there because there may be bad people on the playground but it is so boring and I can't wait until Christmastime because I will go to my grandma's and my Aunt Smithy is the funniest but Aunt Sue is hysterical and this next Christmastime will be so fun." She pointed to a spider on the leg of my pants, when told that I didn't mind them much outside she said: "one time I saw an ant I did this." She leans down and screams and then repeats it again. When asked if she was afraid of ants she replied. "I am sort of afraid because I know they can be dangerous and some bite but that is why I am cautious of Bumble Bees because they sting. When I see a bumblebee I run away fast. I was stung on the finger," holding it out for me to see, "once. Scary. This is a soccer move." She bends her knees and leans forward resting both her hands on her knees. She looks as if she should be waiting at a goal. "My dad showed me. like this." She gets into position again.

And this is only the half of it. Of course the whole time she was talking my daughter was on my lap silently playing with her fingernails or something. My daughter did have permission to go on her own to the playground. But seeing as she was extremely unlikely to say anything to strangers she is probably safer over there by herself than this new little girl we met.

I thought this little girl was fabulous. But most likely exhausting for her parents.

As Always,