Thursday, May 29, 2008

to move freely

I have been setting my yoga intentions on Freedom of late. What do I mean by that? Well, an ease with which I tackle all the things that need doing. The doing is mindful not avoident. Letting go of the struggle. When I had started this blog I had achieved some sort of freedom in my thinking. That is when the lord of the book appeared and TG and I wrote a short story out of the blue. The writing was real easy for a while and then something happened to tie me back up again. The end of the school year perhaps. The onset of spring and the outside work--the gardening and the motley creative projects that we have piling up feel like a burden instead of a pleasure. It can be a little shift and all of a sudden my perspective is off and I have to keep reminding myself to get on track. I think I wrote about this before in taking pleasure. If I were a better blogger I would put a link here back to it. I have to face that I do not want to waste the time to learn. Heather waits at the other end of this blog.

At least the writing does not yet feel like a burden. But I need to begin paying attention. Okay, that's enough.

As always,