Friday, May 2, 2008

Varied Things on My Mind

I need a fresh approach to my day. I don't know what it could be. Perhaps it could be a purchase from the thrift store. I have a thing for bags. I bought a lovely weaved one. Made in France, it says. And this large duffel-like bag. A size that we don't have enough of. And this funky little antique one that was only two dollars. How could I pass it up? It will be a-good-for-the-kiddo bag. Although it just occurred for me that he doesn't have a good bag for camp. Does that mean I will have to go back and look around for more? And it occurred to me, after I left the thrift store, that I forgot to look at duvets. The one I have from when I got married 10 years ago is in a shambles and it is time to get/make a new one. It's raining today and I wonder if instead of going for a walk when I'm done with this writing business, I should stir up the dirt. Like a big cauldron of magic. It might be fun to get muddy. That is if I have remembered yet how to have fun.

Tonight we make smoked salmon in the rain. Can it be done? I cannot forget to brine it.

As always (much love),