Friday, May 9, 2008

Writing Exercise Results

Let's see. That writing exercise I made up yesterday didn't really get me anywhere unexpected. I tried it on Heather's mom and all the stuff that she said was the same old, same old. I guess that is just as well. She is consistent. I guess towards the end she said, "Heather was my brilliant child. A rising star that I was raising. Everything that I had done right. Now look. I am confused. What does this mean? There must be implications. I have no one to ask, except Jude. I know no one else. To bring it up to my mother or to Doug, their stepfather, would be opening us all up to their disdain. They would be shocked of course, because they never saw it coming with Heather either. But then they'd nod their head knowingly. And judge us all." I guess I can feel that. She is alone and unsure and now needs advice about her daughter. So I take it back. The interview did provide some insight into Heather's mom. Later I will do the second half of the exercise. Interestingly enough Sean had already to the second half on his own. Good for him.

For now I must run and see my son in his class skit.

As Always,