Monday, June 9, 2008

Am I there yet?

Use the blog to see if I can get my head where I need it to be.

I come to work today. I start reading my words(it has been a weekend that has been word free). Right off the bat, I like them. I think they sound like natural speech, but my question is, did Micheal really say them? I sometimes feel so stuck between the writing and moving forward and the flow, which seems like knowing the inside of every one's head. Would Micheal say "there's nothing so glamorous about that"? He might. He's comfortable with Sandy and it is the end of a long speech and he is talking about his own tantrum. Yet the fact that I worry about it, does that mean no, he would not say it. And how easy would it be just to ditch those words all together? Easy perhaps. So I cut that line and see how it hangs together. But I still have to hear it. It feels like so much work to just hear the words in my head. I'm stuck again in that transition, throwing myself over the line, from this side, the side that writes emails and reads people's weblogs, to the other side, where I suffer with Heather and Michael.

Me: Michael, what would you say?
Michael: I am talking to sandy and I want him to think I am cool. Of course I would say glamorous. Kids books should have the word glamorous in them. And boys should say glamorous. So there.

Well, there you have it. My characters always talk to me like that when I ask them simple questions. Don't they want to be consulted? Perhaps it's me. Perhaps I am too sensitive

As always (closer than before),