Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Freewrite Wednesday

tg goes to Clancy's meat market to get his vegetables. The vegetables are for his girl, but the meat is for him. He even just loves the raw smell of the place. He doesn't have to be a hunter here in this neighborhood. The food comes easy, someone else gathers it and at times even prepares it. It is not like the ice fields of home where being ferocious was the only way to meet your energy needs. This door is loose and old so it doesn't close all the way and he can easily slide his claws into the opening and pull the door back. The opening in the door makes the smell all the more enticing. That sliver of odor makes it's way into the air. tg can almost see it snaking through the air as if it is a cartoon scent. Those bears in cartoons seem to have no sense of self control. No, tg is not that kind of bear. He appreciates a good scent and it does make him salivate, but he is not about to loose himself to it. He will pick up the box of farm fresh vegetables and he will look it over. What can he make for the girl to eat today? And he will buy a treat for himself as well. He towers over the glass case. "Hello," says the skinny man with the goatee behind the counter. The man always wears a bow-tie and tg appreciates this attention to detail. Tg waves his paw. "One second I will get your box," the man heads into the back. Tg eyes the prepared bacon burgers and the spice rubbed flank stake, but he feels that today he would like to do it himself. The man returns, peering into the box. "They sent some kohlrabi today, and I think asparagus, radishes and some tender greens. Green garlic." The man gestures towards the fish section. "A treat today? I know you like the scallops." The man's eyebrows were raised and he had the smile on his face. A bear does not talk like a human. But to see tg's brown eyes was to know exactly what he was thinking. "The spice rub is very good, yes, and I do know you would like it but, you're right it would be fun for you to spice something yourself. Try the scallops. They would make a delicate meal with the asparagus and green garlic. I wish I was coming for dinner." He grabbed a huge handful of the white scallops and placed them on a sheet of paper. He added another handful. Looked at tg and asked, "Does that seem right?It would never do out on the ice fields, I know. But here," the man shook his head, "one doesn't need to work as hard."

A little freewriting antidote to the blues.
As always (or less),