Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here I am

Okay I am taking some time to blog. It's hard. I have been trying to work hard and the operative word is trying. I have a lot of time this week and I think there is such a thing as too much. I spend my time struggling and thinking I need to be doing it all the time. It's darn hard to do--submitting to the world. The writing and the ideas are fun for me. The hard part is letting go and becoming Heather, Jude or Michael or any of the other many characters. And then on the other side of that I feel like I better not complain. Thanks Josh, children, all other powers that be for the time to write. Thanks to the great, grungy, sexy elusive muse for the words that come. Thanks to meditation for the flow. Thanks to whoever came up with yoga. Thanks to Laurie who was my instructor today. Thanks to whatever readers are still out there.

As always (grateful, grateful, grateful, struggling, struggling, struggling),


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