Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sorry, not sorry

I have been reading other peoples blogs. And most other people that I read imbed Youtube videos in their blogs along with links and all that jazz. Through which I have found a lot of music and other blogs and people and things that are interesting. A lot of these people share useful information. Critiques of books. Stuff like that. It keeps it fun.

I am too overwhelmed with the novel to come up with anything useful. I am loathe to spend the initial half hour it will take to figure out how to imbed a video or anything else here. I don't even know if I could do that on my myspace--but I could for sure do it on my blogger account and probably there is just some way that blogger makes it easy, I just have to look through the widgets. But, alas, I don't have the time. So I will apologize to those of you that read me anyway. Sorry that I do not take the extra time to learn all the fun stuff. Perhaps after this draft, I will feel less desperate to get these pages done. Then I will share John Green and his Nerd Fighting Vlog. And Justine Larbalestier defined a lazy extrovert in her blog (someone who is happy to stay home and read because it is so much energy to get out the door, yet they are an animated and boisterous socializer). I've decided that I am the opposite--an energetic introvert. I'd much rather stay home and read and write and cook and garden and parent but my obligations keep me socializing. So for now I must put my introverted energies to work.

As always(someday I will be more),