Friday, June 6, 2008


I started to post yesterday and decided to stop. Can you believe that? I decided I needed to go to work. Which is the case today too, but I will take a few moments to say I think this blog is in flux. It's time to transition to something more focused. It's like a writing project. It has to have its center, something that keeps me from flipping wildly about in space and also keeps me interested. The blog has been extremely useful in helping me find my way into a writing routine with the novel, but, as I found a sense of direction there, I lost it here. I also just read and article about blogging by Emily Gould who is a former editor for Gawker. The article is on the New York Times website. It is a heart wrenching account of "oversharing." It could be read as fair warning. As an editor of Gawker she was way deep in airing peoples dirty laundry and letting commenters go to town on it. But the tables turned. It is an interesting line that you watch over. She writes about getting hooked on the comments, the interaction. It seems to me that you have to be okay with writing into the void. But then what do you do when there is not one? What is the purpose? Is it a community you are organizing? Are you looking for internet fame? Are doing it because you enjoy it? Are you not suited for anything else? Does it just feel good? We'll see. It is food for thought.

As Always (late to work),