Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I think I am in Love

Do you know Polly Horvath? I just started reading The Canning Season. See here.

It has a kind of Roald Dahl feel. Same dark sort of magical content but for a little older people, more swearing, more adult content. I first heard of her from Sarah Miller, of course. She was not terribly keen on her, but still made me want to read it. I love that. You know I have a whole list of things to read(see below), but I got it home from the library today and I opened it out of curiosity. I haven't put it down(except for Tea Time with my kids. and doing the dishes. and just now putting them to bed. and to blog. You get the picture.) So that is the way of my library books. Some lie languishing and some get devoured.

As Always(thrilled),