Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

It all started with your book. I resisted it at first. Perhaps in the way a vampire with morals resists feeding on humans. Not to say that there is anything amoral about your books. I had just suspected that your book was no good for me. And once I did begin to read it, it was a bit like free-basing. Like wanting something just beyond the prose, turning each page, knowing it is totally unhealthy. How do you make me want more so much? Thank you for Bella and Edward, for what is forbidden between them, for your skill at gripping the reader. I hope someday that someone wants to read my book as much as so many people want to read yours.
As always (riveted),

Here's a related but side thank you:
Dear Courtney Summers,
Thank you for this blog entry. It made me laugh. And I read the whole long thing--maybe you've got something that Stephanie Meyer's got. Thank you also for putting your chapters out there to read, for free. I read them all too. I liked your narrator. She's a lot more mysterious than Bella.
As Always(maybe just this once),