Saturday, January 10, 2009

Checked Out

This is what I actually have home from the library. I am going to try to keep that number low and actually read these two in the order that they came home. Which is first Graceling and then Iodine, but only after I finish People of the Book. It is experimental for me to read in such a orderly fashion. The other way I read is by the seat of my pants, letting my passions blow me with the wind. (That sounds dirty) Right now I have assignments. So it's a good time to stick to my library queue. Normally, I have a lot of respect for intuitive reading. If I weren't otherwise committed, I would trust that there were magical creative reasons to follow my reading gut.

As Always(stifling my instincts),

p.s. (this is a edit)It turns out that my book montage(at the top) changes everytime I change my bookshelves at good reads. See you learn something new everyday. Somedays you learn several things.