Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The narrator of The Book Thief. You know how I said he bugs me. He still does. Sometimes because of his word choice. Sometimes because of his incessant foreshadowing. But often because he narrates in the passive voice. When he is doing his thing, that is. I didn't notice it at first. And so this is what I want to tell you about. How I read. This post is not about Death at all it is about me. I am a headlong reader, diving in and letting the story surround me. It is a really fun way to go, but I am blind to a lot. When something slows me down, I just keep trying to head-butt into it. I don't classify it or label it. In fact I rarely can put a word on it at first. I was 500 pages in to the book until I noticed that Death does his thing in the passive voice. I'm a little frustrated with myself (but also with Death).

As Always(slow to pick up),