Friday, January 16, 2009


I finished it last night. I do like books that read at a breakneck speed. This one did. Is it the romance, the action, both? Kristin Cashore created a character that is different than most--she has different wants than other book girls and it makes sense she understands herself as a girl given the power to kill. She takes little pleasure in this skill. Cashore wrote about Katsa's uncertainty with clarity. This book is in third person, yet it says very close to Katya's head. From the get-go Katya doesn't understand all that happens on her insides, but she begins to name her feelings and come to terms with her "real" self through her friendship with Po. I found the first half of the book, where Katsa learns so much of this, the most engaging. But the action keeps going and I couldn't put it down. Thanks, Kristin Cashore!

As Always(reporting my thought bit by bit),