Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coining the word Pioneerpunk

Recently I cam across the term steampunk. It was here actually. I'm going to read that book and now The Rad Librarian has recommended Diamond Age too. Not only do I love the movie The City of Lost Children, but there is something very craftsman like in the aesthetic. Classic, artful, pleasing.

My son and I were reading a book together, perhaps a year ago or probably more and I was so struck with this world that I thought of as science fiction-y. I was thinking the author was brilliant, creating these intricate details. I kept telling my son, it's like they are frozen in a futuristic Victorian time. I thought the writer was so brilliant(although I thought the story needed a little more work). Now I know it was a genre on to itself (and that author should have worked a little harder on the story).

Well this idea has thrilled me and I decided that I would like to create my own genre not steampunk, but still punk and I came up with Little-House-on-the-Prariepunk. Which paints a nice picture in your mind, right? But it is a little too big for your mouth. I refined that title to pioneerpunk. Does it still need work?

It doesn't look exactly like this of course. Where is the edginess? It needs more Ally Sheedy. Something. But a picture begins to form.

Here are some beginning thoughts on it:

Steampunk has the steam engine as their aesthetic. That industrial look, the glasses and dark smudges on the skin with all that coal burning. I think pioneerpunk would be more wholesome. Puffed sleeves and gingham, with a leaning toward the makeshift, like crocheted baby socks tied with goat sinew for holding your ipod. Hmm, what else? Beaver fur caps with built in blue-tooth. Pioneerpunk uses the new technologies while facing environmental hardship. You know, rabbit skin muffs with built in remote keyboard, in order to keep your fingers warm while staying in touch with your FB community. Pioneerpunk would shine it’s brightest in below zero temperatures.

I haven't fully fleshed it out, and who's to say that it won't change a whole bunch yet, but the idea has intrigued me.

As Always (thinking),