Friday, February 6, 2009

This is how I buy books

I never go to bookstores.
Backtrack, that is not true, I go to this one.

Wild Rumpus

Especially when we need birthday presents. We often need them.

I never go to the big ones. I don't do much shopping, period. I go to thrift stores. I go to Amazon, some. (With specific titles that I know I want and proceed to put them in my cart and have them sent to my house.) I'm always at out neighborhood co-op--for food(down the street from above store.) So I'm not one to be swayed by book covers displayed predominately on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.

So how do I find the books that I read and eventually buy. When I love them and need them or I am buying a birthday gifts(in this case books are always the way to go). I read blogs. I read a lot of blogs. That is the buzz that I'm privy too. Librarians' buzz, or other writers, and the young people themselves, because they are out there all over the place saying what they read. But I especially like it when said blogs show a picture of the book, the cover, with the buzz they provide. Sites like Goodreads make it easy to see covers and publish covers on your own blog. So I am swayed by covers, but not by the ones that are placed on shelves by some kind of agreement(money) between publishers and booksellers.

Then, I go to my neighborhood branch of the public library(just a little farther down the street from my neighborhood book store).

So how many people buy and read like this? How do young people read? John Green had an interesting discussion of Goodreads. This is a site where readers keep electronic bookshelves of books, with ratings and easy ways to sort and review books. I trust John Green because I know from his blog and past projects that he pays attention to this kind of stuff. (I liked Papertowns. I have not read other books by him--but all my young neighbors have. He's a good writer.)

I don't have answers or further information. I am just pondering the future of this all. This writing publishing, reading thing. How will the marketing and bookfinding thing happen in the changing times. I think I know. I think it requires authors to have a different kind of relationship to the outside world. But I'm only speculating.

As Always(checking in),