Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm right in the middle of this book:

That is the cover of the copy I am reading. Striking, huh? Though I tend to like illustrated covers better. Here is the illustrated cover:

For me, it seems as if there is more left up to the imagination with an illustration. Isn't that, in the end, more like reading? I do like how just a few well placed words can draw whole pictures in a reader's brain and illustrations seem to help that process along. Whereas, to me, photos, if they are realistic tend to limit it. All of a sudden you have a full picture of a character in your head and not much leeway. Perhaps that is because of our human ability to memorize and recognize faces.

But I will tell you what neither cover does. Neither cover captures both the glitzi fashion AND wild jungle aspects of Zahrah's world. They push against one or the other but not both.

Which one do you like more? Why?
And what do covers do for you?

As always(trying to be here more than I am),