Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Writing Groups

I got a novel group that shares chapters every other week. I pile the work on them and they diligently plug away at it. Their feedback on my narrator and other aspects of the novel has been invaluable.

I got a productive group--we, Rapid Writers, get together and do timed writings and then read them out loud. It has been immensely helpful in the process aspect of writing. We are a mixed crew of teens and adults. Great fun and industry.

I got a writing group that is left over from my grad school days. Lovely women, we do lots of career commiserating and looking forward to someday helping each other out with the writing.

I got an artist's group which has fallen off the weekly meeting wagon, but our creative support of each other has been priceless. I look forward to seeing where these ladies' brilliance will take them.

I am prolific as far a groups go, shall I tell you of others? Two book clubs (one which reads, the other read, then quilted, now reminisces about our reading days--we started in the nineties, my oldest group by far), a chavurah, and my foodie club(which I just made up, they exist but we have never labeled ourselves as such) who meets to eat and drink once a month.

As Always (in between gigs),