Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question 1: from The Loft's Festival last weekend

1. As print media becomes obsolete, what will book publicity look like and how can I influence it?

Writers and educators, who have access to young people who read, how are they a part of the book buzz? I have no answers, just gut feelings.

I have realized it needs to be a conversation, where I am open to and want to be as influenced as I want to influence. I was initially going to ask, how can writers/educators influence what young people read, but I don’t mean that. It's too intentional. And forceful. As artists it would be unlike us force ourselves on others, right? Instead we respond and contribute.

I was driven to the internet to try to understand how to market myself and a future book, but I also have genuine interest in technology, how youth use it, how other writers use it. The consequence of my reading and responding to blogs is exposure to books and writers. I have become the recipient of the buzz. I don't think I can say my blog has become part of the buzz, but personally I have(currently my neighborhood book club is reading Tender Morsels and that is completely because of my hearing and seeing it on the internet). I'm not sure where teens are in my equation yet. I have a writer's group with teens and we talk books. But I am not fooled by how it works, I need even more exposure.

As I watch my librarian friend do it in Saint Paul. He is a resource for teens, holding his arms open, saying, I an here for you. Tell me what you want. He gives away books for free and reads an amazing amount. And the teens come.

Only semi related is that my husband and I have a joke about that texting application on cell phones. Is it called "t-9", where the phone guesses the rest of the word so you don't have to type the whole thing? I think it is. I'm guessing our joke started from some snide comment between my sister and I about t-9ing, isn't that foreplay? And Josh stepped up to the joke saying, yeah, it's like when you're anticipating your partner. This comment he made with a smoochy, suggestive move. And we continue the joke to this day, so that it has now become a part of foreplay.

But if I look at the way the joke evolved, it required that each of us meet the other partway, meeting each jest with yes and taking it farther. So however I got there I guess I think the answer relates to the t-9 application on your cell phone, allowing yourself to text a little faster and the rules of improv which always makes your partner look good.

So how are you a part of the equation? How can I be?

As Always(not sure if I make any sense),