Friday, April 24, 2009

Question 2: from The Loft's Festival

Who will be a local Betsy Bird?

I went to hear the editors talk, Brian Farrey from Flux and Andrew Karre from Carolrhoda and, of course, the talk went to blogging and the web 2.0 of book/author publicity. Which, as you may or may not know, I have been trying to teach myself and, in the year since Big Sur, have read a whole lot of blogs(and I have made my book exceedingly better, if not finished). I have done some blogging, but mostly I became a reader of each of the blogs that Andrew Karre mentioned. He asked, who is going to be the Betsy Bird of Minneapolis? Who is going to organizing the local kid-lit-o-sphere. In fact he challenged us.

I mentioned it to Josh when I got home, what if I could do that? and he said, we are not up to that kind of socializing. Isn’t that the truth? I really love the couch, our new Roku, and the stack of books I came home with from the festival. I can barely keep up with the neighborhood, let alone a bunch of literary shut-ins like myself.

Maybe the answer is The Loft itself. It has blogs coming soon. Those could be Betsy and if someone else took it on, dyanu.

But to begin with, let’s get some locals commenting on each others blogs. For all I know everybody is out there already doing that. Comment on mine so I can find you. I already found Steve (at the festival). Yea! Let’s help each other out.

Speaking of organizing and being seen at literary events, there is a Raking Through Books Happy Hour at Kieran’s Irish Pub in downtown Minneapolis tonight to feature the nominees and publishers of the Minnesota Book Awards. (I saw this on Andrew Karre’s blog and in The Loft’s newsletter.)

As Always(going to yoga),