Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today was the final round of The Battle of the Kids' Books. Lois Lowry chimed in with a hysterical account of her decision and just as good is to read the ensuing star studded comments, Anderson praising Katniss and Suzanne Collins answering back, with her own praise of MT, and Jane Yolen and John Green and Sarah Miller. They banter and pat each other on the back and say smart things just as we all expect they do when we are not watching. Just the reason why I want to be in the club. Is it a club?
I have loved, loved loved the battle.(Can it really be done?)

Also, did a survey of bad reviews of the wire from Amazon(I also loved the link to the you can't please everyone series--what do you think? Do those reviewers really not know Spinal Tap is made up?). I always find the things he does to be interesting. And often timely to me. We just watched the first three shows of The Wire the other night. I have been hearing all the hype, that even Obama loved the show, so finally I succumbed to television. (That is what it has come to-succumbing to television, I'm not even bragging, just terribly behind the times.) And I have to admit I was struck by the characterization. That already I care about Jimmy McNulty, not only is he attractive but I've seen him falling down drunk a couple of times and laughing at himself when he's foolish. So charming. Even the fact that this whole detail evolved from him, makes him seem either too honest to follow the "rules" of the Baltimore Police Force or too messed up to do so. And somehow I want to know which. That seems like a good way to start out the show--and also letting me watch in hour intervals(half hour would be even better--considering how behind I am).

As Always(perhaps it's just as well that I am behind, otherwise would never have struck a chord),