Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Attitude

I find that blogging requires me to perform periodic attitude adjustments. I don't know why that is. But I guess novel writing is that way too. I find that I'm a good writer if I sit down in my chair, pick a word out of the pretty box I keep near by, put on a timer and type...until I'm not.  I'm a good writer if I sit and re-read everything I wrote the day before and then write from there... until I can't.

Blogging seems to go through similar phases. Initially it was a writing exercise a day. That's back when all I wanted was to produce writing. And for a while it was the fruits of my practice. Then it was going to be a gratitude blog, where I gave thanks to all my influences. Then it was going to be book reviews, but I found that my reading whims change with my writing process. I decided I was unreliable, so I gave up on that. Finally, I was going to write on Wednesdays. And I guess today is Wednesday and, what do you know, I am blogging. Is that really enough of a philosophy?

I cleaned the yoga studio today; don't know what is for dinner yet, but I do have cabbage in the refrigerator; wrote a synopsis for chapter fifteen that was sort of clarifying; and I will go on a cemetery tour tonight.

As Always (Thanks to Becka, who reads and gives me Facebook feedback.),