Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today on Galleycat there a story that Dave Eggers is going to have the novel version of Where the while Things Are coming out at the same time as the movie. Working on the screenplay inspired him to write long.

I am inspired to write something new. Wouldn't it be liberating to just pick a new project and scrap 14? All that work for the past two years, all these characters that are so constrained by all the words I've already written, throw them out and start something else. Sounds nice.

Oh, this is what I was going to tell you. One of my various groups includes a writing group with teens and adult ladies like myself. We write Natalie Goldberg style, with a timer and a subject, moving our pens constantly until time runs out and then read out loud. It really makes you appreciate brains, your own and the others at the table. And whatever it is behind the brains, I picture a big windy vortex of space where all the stories float fully formed and you have to be sitting just right, holding your pen a certain way, writing just fast enough for them to escape the stormy vacuum. Well, luckily this practice, the fast imperfect stormy writing trains my body to become a conductor, some sort of conduit for the floating stuff back there. I tried out another group like this recently with my friend Diana,a great writing role model. Everything was aligned that night and all these unplanned things came out of my vortex. New characters. Lots of boy ones. If only I could invite them over to play.

As Always(I think perhaps both my characters and I need to misbehave),

p.s. Thanks to Steve Brezenoff at Exile in Goyville for being follower number three! In the short time I've known him he has been my reading role model (perhaps reviewing role model is more accurate).