Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This(writing) and That(blogging)

I've finally finished chapter fourteen. It was much shorter than expected. I have also been incredibly busy in the garden. And now I turn my attentions on chapter fifteen and woodchips.

At this point in the writing process I have a whole bunch of written words that are loosely in order. Most are relatively new. The oldest being the very end, but I have to find my narrator's lens in order to make it work. She's there somewhat already but not entirely. I sometimes lose her way. She loses her way too. She tells a story much like I would. Getting lost in the details and being overly concerned about how much the reader needs to know. Where does she end and I begin? Who is the writer here? It makes me want to take some action and whip Heather into shape (now I am behaving just like her mother).

I must thank JulieAnn for becoming follower number four. JulieAnn and I met way back in 2008 at The Big Sir Writer's Workshop (a lovely, lovely event). She provided my initial blogging education and I am eternally grateful. She is also incredibly hardworking at the writing and the life (she is a great role model).

Becoming a follower seems so generous in nature. I am a little bit struck by that. I am not a good blogger. Too many things pull me in too many directions, not the least of which is insecurity that I will write anything people are interested in. As of late I have been much more sure that my book will be worth reading but my blog.... Thanks you all for tuning in. I suppose I must expect this to ebb and flow just like the book.

As Always (off to clean the yoga studio),