Monday, July 20, 2009

Too Much Structure Gets Me Down

I mentioned that I went to the Cemetery the other day. A nice summer evening. Thursday June 25th to be exact. It was a little unsatisfying to be sure. What do you expect from a cemetery tour? Darkness and access to mouldy old crypts? Well it was more of the who's who of the old and moneyed Minneapolis. Thanks to them we have this very thoughtfully laid out and preserved park space with giant monoliths honoring names such as Lowery and Pillsbury and Guthrie, you know the ones. We stood about under various of these a craned our necks to see the tops, they had(and probably still have) a lot of money and their family plot is nothing to be ashamed of.

Natalie (usually a food eating friend, but this time we walked over the decomposing bodies of dead folk), who knows quite a bit about the landscape planning business besides just being terribly interesting, speculated about the infrastructure required to deal with the run off resulting from decay. Now that was the kind of tour I wanted.

I wanted to see secret spots. We WERE shown a cluster of graves marked by headstones that looked like tree stumps and piles of chopped wood. Apparently there was some kind of ode-to-logging movement in grave marking, I'd like to know a little more about that--that is the kind of information that would be on my tour. Have there been other grave marking movements.

Natalie and I devised a future dinner club plan: first tour the cemetery(we can get there by way of Lake Harriet's historic trolley, just a few blocks from our house and a short old fashioned ride over to Lakewood) and then a different hors d'oeuvre designed by each guest and inspired by inhabitants(is that what we call it, perhaps resident is more apt, there must be a right word) of the cemetery.

The gesture drawing approach to a dinner club tour: A quick jog through the whole place, done fast but with intense attention to get a feel for it. We would run through in the basic order of development over the years. How about oldest to newest? And then go back to the most interesting parts. Following our nose to wherever it leads us.

As Always(making plans),