Monday, September 21, 2009

Follower Nine and yoga

Thank you, Elise Murphy, follower number nine. She visited and followed me after I found her via Jacqui's Room. I loved her post on plot(I love the idea of writing a review for my WIP) that led me to Lev Grossman's Wall Street Journal article, where he says authors are making novels entertaining again. Her blog also led me to Pen Tales where, Ron Smith talks about Lev Grossman's novel The Magicians, according to Smith, Grossman provides a novel that is hard to put down(the likes of which books of the 21st century will be all about according to Grossman). I love blogs that spark your imagination and lead you all over.

I'm looking forward to reading The Magician. But right now Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl is waiting for me at the library and I haven't quite finished Kelly Link's Pretty Monsters.

On a totally separate note, I spent the weekend doing hardcore yoga(11 hours of it). I indulged in a retreat entitled Personal Transformation Training. Yoga Sculpt, circuit training and heated yoga along with meditation. I love meditation exercises that call to your subconscious. The symbol of my transformation involved a huge white storybook bear that hovered above me, made me feel small and protected. He also smelled a bit musky, which made sense. The room was decidedly moist with sweat. Not just mine.

I took this class because of a teacher that I loved. I realized I love her because of her music selection and her repetition of symbolic poses; hands at heart center, sun salutations, chair pose which leaves you prostrate and reaching to something above until you can't stand it anymore. In her class, I almost regularly get into flow, where I dripping and dancing and I feel as if I could do it forever. I guess that is what I look for in yoga, that connection a thing beyond myself that feeds the world within myself. That's where my ideas seem the brightest.

I am reminded yet again of Elizabeth Gilbert and her TED speech about artists finding that thing outside ourselves to blame our success or lack of success on.

So many other people there needed much baser transformations: a woman who was experiencing the anniversaries of her husband and son's death(on the same day, years apart); another woman cried every time she spoke, who only told us something devastating had happened to her this past year; another woman had not felt anything since returning from Iraq two years ago. In comparison my story seemed shallow. But if I have learned anything, I know I shouldn't diminish it. I need that thing like faith to keep me operating despite an unfinished book, shyness at conferences, and other disruptions(It really is very shallow).

As always(no bright ideas today),