Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I’m literally at the very end.

Within five pages? I have the text mostly written and I'm just working on the nit-picky-ness of order. There is a lot happening all at once. I like to imagine that it is like the final scene of A Confederacy of Dunces. Although it has been so long since I read that book, I only have the impression of the scene I’m thinking of and I’m not quite sure it actually is at the end. But the characters in my book are lining up to create an action-packed, slapstick-y sequence. I have to find my way through some natural feeling explanations, let the readers have a little aha here and there, and get to a satisfactory end. Right about now(read that as: I am at a total loss as to what to do next) is when I like to make lists and draw and go to the co op and cook. I want to yell at my kids and throw away all my husband’s grandmother’s tea cups and wander in the garden and sit on the couch and read and have a snack and blog and re-read my manuscript and take a walk by the lake and vacuum all at the same time.
As always(gonna try and write it out),