Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts. I haven't had the energy or the time to write a post from beginning to end. I have started a whole lot of them but never quite finished.

I attended the local SCWBI this past weekend. Enjoyed it.

Spent time talking with Steve Brezenoff. Nice to get advice from someone more experienced and wise than I. Also, he gave me book recommendations and so far he's not steered me wrong. And an introduction to Kurtis Scaletta. (Thanks, Steve.) I look forward to Steve's book next year and maybe seeing him at more conferences. I got to hear about Kurtis's many works, published, unpublished and in-process. Check out his book, Mudville(nice review, huh?). They were both kind to a semi-lost SCWBI conferencer. I think I salvaged my day because of them.

I have this fantasy of creating some kind of local kid-lit society where we meet for drinks once a month(not that I ever go out) and have each others' backs in a pinch(you know reading each others' books and recommending them). The place to start that kind of thing would be at SCWBI (or does it already exist because of SCWBI and I just don't pay enough attention?), but I did a miserable job of making friends. (Can you tell I have regrets?) Let's just say that in true writer form, I didn't try to interact nearly hard enough. I had put everything into a new draft of chapter one(Previously the end of chapter 2. I am throwing out the beginning.) and didn't have anything left for friend-making. I did have a wonderful Manuscript Review with Dara Dokas which should help me with round two of the new chapter one.

I really enjoyed Donna Jo Napoli. Now, she is a woman to admire just for her conference manner. She was not stifled by an audience and I liked that(I'm afraid I would be). She said what she needed to say. Both the cheer-leading and, unexpectedly, specific responses to first pages(awesome). Unfortunately my first page was at the bottom of the pile(vacation made me hand it in very late) and there wasn't time for feedback from those that be. The aforementioned Steve said(in full admiration of Donna Jo) that she should be my critique partner and, yeah, I would like that... Although Andy is a dream and I would not change my current situation for all the tea in China.

As Always(slow to post),