Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's business time!

So I went on vacation without letting you know. I guess I am that sort of girl sometimes. I don't write. I don't call. Avoidant, some people may say. Writerly is what I like to call it. Well, here I am. But not promising anything. I really like you a lot, I just can't commit right now...

Here's the update on the book.
Done through Chapter 16. That is the end. The very end. Wrapped up and satisfactory. It has been commented on by the illustrious Andy. (I would link to his site but there is all sorts of nudity over there.) And I have a plan. Now on to the new beginning and back all they way through again. Argh! (Just kidding--I am actually so looking forward to this I can't wait to start.)

Do you want to see the pictures of my cabbage on my sister's blog-- go here. Scroll down and you'll see it. Isn't it pretty? I know they are too crammed together. I do that. When they are little seedlings I can't imagine that they will grow up and take space. So I pack them in. You should see my tomatoes. It's just another metaphor for the rest of my life. See this is why I can't commit. (If you saw the pictures that follow, the aftermath of the bath, that was at my house too, another good metaphor for my life.)

And, welcomes!!! Welcome to follower 10, Christy Raedeke of Juveneacence. You can see her new book cover over there. Doesn't it look spectacular?
And follower 11, Ron Smith. I have to read The Magicians because of him.

I'll be back (just not saying when).

As always(if only my husband read the blog, he'd be all over the Flight of the Conchords reference),


  1. Congratulations on chapter 16!

    And on the cabbages.

    I grew some lovely purple one's this year—and it's good to know that my overcrowded garden is a metaphor for life.

  2. Pretty much anything serves as a metaphor for life as far as I'm concerned.

    And as far as I can tell from your blog you do cram it all in(animals, writing, cabbages, children) and it works!! What a good role model you are.

    Thanks for the congratulations.

  3. Nice job on the book. Are you rewriting the whole thing?

  4. No I already did that twice. But this last time the complications became clear, and now I have to build them backwards. This is the fun stuff.

    Nice job on your own book!!! Can't wait to see it.

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