Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Data dump of sorts.

Just finished Catching Fire. There are a lot of things that being sick are good for and finishing books in nearly one sitting is one of them. Needless to say, I loved it. Is is needless to say? I'm not sure. I never said it before. So maybe I should say it. Mostly because of the pace. So how do you think Suzanne Collins does that? I suppose having that Reality TV element helps. You can make something terrible happen whenever. But also Suzanne Collins has Katniss turns things in a millisecond. It took me a long time as a writer to realize how pleasing those surprises are as a reader. But each time she has a knee jerk action, pulling the story forward, it is a readers thrill.

I have to find some good way of keeping track of these books I read. I'm not much of a reviewer and I don't want to be. I read as a writer. Reading what I like and picking it apart for what I can use. I'm not much interested in talking a book up just to get it for free and I also do not want to dis my fellow writers when I don't like something because often my likes have to do more with subjective taste and the luck of picking up a book at the right time. Often my likes have to do with particular problems I am trying to figure out in my writing. I have strong opinions and can tell you when I don't think something is working, but I'm more interested in how the internet buzz works in positive ways. The best books I have read lately have not been the ones face out on the bookstore stack(When do I ever go to bookstores. Do I even know what I'm talking about?) They have been the ones my fellow bloggers blog about. So how to report on books is one of the many things that I have to figure out in the next few weeks. And generally this blog needs attention.

Also, I had thought I would participate in some version of Nanowrimo(Can I call it something else? It's like something you do to someone you hate. Perhaps Katnis will perform this procedure on President Snow in the next book.I hope so.) If I did, word count would be greatly reduced. Not only because I'm starting so late but also because I don't seem to be built for that kind of output. So maybe 500 words a day for the rest of the month. Brainstormy story starter kind of stuff. I have the beginnings of two things I am interested in but I feel like I would need to find the ploty points of it before I go forward. Ways to keep it interesting, Suzanne Collins style. So anyway....

As always(I also will need to begin that query thing and designing a class???)