Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Books, books, books

I'm reading a self published book at the moment. The story is well revealed and that is why I keep reading it. That and all the mistakes. The big ones. They have me reading in keen interest. The dialog  is too long. For a lot of the scenes the tension is not clear.  At awkward moments, new information surprises the reader. Such are the things that I could learn from. I think this book could be great, if the revision was taken a little further, if author of (un)said book worked a little more to learn some tricks about setting and revealing just enough to make a reader suspicious and then the next event will make more of an aha, than a groan. How come this has become easier to see in someone's writing and has been slow to come in my own?

So, I think this writer could have published this book traditionally with just a little more work. That's my prognosis. But maybe she didn't want to. Maybe that is just me that wants the traditional publishing house. But this is why I think the gateposts that editors provide are a good thing. They force us writers to keep working even when we hoped we are already done.

I am in the middle of Liar. I was totally enjoying it. I have just been busy busy busy. Cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. With five extra people and a couple of them under 5 there is always work to be done. Thank the lord they just keep getting older and more helpful. But boy are they cute. No writing, no blogging, no reading of Liar. Lots of drinking(wine for adults, milk for children), conversation, laughing and putting on of snow-pants and taking off of snow-pants and dishes. Such fun! Such puddles in the entryway! Such red teeth!

Go over to The Rad Librarian to see his book list for 2009. He reads more than I can imagine(It is even condoned at work. Why the heck did I not become a librarian?). He mentions The Highest Tide, which I loved but I have to tell you about my reading experience sometime (Because I think it is terribly interesting--I read half the traditional way and listened to the other half with my family in a car). And Jim Lynch has another book if anyone is interested. I know I am.

I bought my son Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman for the holiday and he has been reading reading reading. That is such a thrill(Go, Son, go!). The boy child has a thing for mythology and especially Norse. And I can't wait to read it myself. Now everyone here wants to and I believe there is now a queue. It is kinda like the library around here. Except louder and hardly anyone is reading.

As Always(trying to keep you posted.),