Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My seven year old daughter has never taken to listening to books in the way my son has. I would call her my reluctant reader despite the fact that she clearly has no decoding issues and he has loads of them. I have spent the last few years checking out anything and everything I could think of to grab her attention. Looking for the "gateway book" (I just read that term over at the Literary Lab, very apt) for her. She has always been less then interested and the sole one to complain about listening to books on our car trips. But finally I had given in and not worried about it so much. A week ago I checked out a Felicity American Girl Story on CD because sometimes she falls asleep listening to books and I still try to keep ones around that she may like. So the other night it was on, and as she was listening,  or (I thought) trying to go to sleep, I crawled in next to her.  Felicity was in a finishing class where she was to learn proper manners. She was pouring tea for her friend and holding her pinky out correctly. It seemed to be taking my daughter a long time to fall asleep. Eventually I suggested that we turn the book off.

"No," she said, "I can see the pictures of what they are doing in my head."

And like that, it was as if a light turned on for me, like possibly it has for her. I think it is brilliant how everyone learns things in different order at different times. She had never learned to make the pictures before. Well, we'll see if it changes anything, but it is still cool.

As Always (must finish Cruddy by bookclub tonight),